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The Nottingham Wolves are extremely pleased to announce that they have taken a massive step toward owning their own ball hockey venue.

Patrick Cox, a senior team’s manager, had this to say... 'As a club we are ambitious and are always looking toward the next step to improve. We currently have seven and a half hours of training per week, and our newly created Academy has already started to show positive results. However a long held ambition of the club has been to have our own venue. At the back end of the summer we took a huge step toward achieving this goal by purchasing a full 60x30 metre barrier and glass system which we now have in storage. We acquired this from Motorpoint Arena Nottingham when they made moves to install their new barrier system, and we cannot thank Richard Rowlands and his team at the Arena enough for helping us broker the deal. This is a massive step forwards, but much work remains. The search for suitable property or piece of land has started, and we are looking to speak with local authorities and sources of funding in the coming months.'

Patrick continued 'A full sized playing surface is something that our sport lacks in this country, and we hope this can not only benefit our own club, but other local clubs and the sport as whole in the UK. At the moment we utilise Southglade Leisure Centre and Ellis Guildford Leisure Centre, who provide us with amazing support, and we are hugely thankful, but our own venue can really take our club and the sport to the next level.


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