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Nottingham Vixens Announcement!

As we enter 2020, there are changes ahead for the Nottingham Vixens.

After 3 years in charge, Luke Browne is stepping down as coach. Having been with the Vixens from their first season of playing competitively, Luke has been a huge asset to the team. His commitment to the team and it’s development was rewarded with the Vixens most successful season last season with the Vixens lifting some silverware and has provided them with an incredible start to this season. Everyone would like to thank Luke for being a pivotal part of the Vixens success over the years.

2020 will see both Hazel Taylor and Helen Moss taking on the joint player-coach role. They both have represented GB Ball Hockey in the ISBHF World Championships and will strive to push the players to compete alongside them in future World Championships. Steve Ward will continue in his role as Assistant Coach, his support has been invaluable to Luke and will it will no doubt be the same for Hazel and Helen.


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