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Local MP Supportive of Nottingham Ball Hockey Rink Plans!

Members of the consortium who are working on establishing a ball hockey rink in Nottingham as the new home for the Nottingham Wolves, have recently met with local MP, Alex Norris, who was extremely interested and enthusiastic about the venture.

Mr Norris took time out of his busy schedule for an extensive meeting, where we discussed the history of the club and ball hockey in this country, the growth of the sport and the need for a ball hockey focussed venue in the area.

We talked about our recent acquisition of the boards and plexiglass rink system and the need for a suitable building to house this. Mr Norris has pledged his support and offered some ideas and suggestions for us to take the plans forward.

Mr Norris had clearly done his homework and had given plenty of forethought to the meeting. He had taken the time to try to get some background on the sport and to consider the requirements for a full-sized rink. We were pleased with his interest and feel he will be a useful contact and supporter as we take the project forward.

The Nottingham North MP also helped attract funding towards Wolves forward Aidan Cox’s expenses for the ISBHF u16 World Cup in the summer of 2019.

Our meeting was held shortly before the General Election and Christmas, so we can’t thank him enough for giving us his attention at that time; we would like to congratulate Mr Norris on his re-election.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates on the project.


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