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Ball Hockey special announcement in relation to COVID-19.

Ball Hockey UK has taken on board yesterday's announcement in relation to COVID-19.

Currently all events arranged centrally by BHUK will continue as scheduled. We will continue to monitor and adjust as Government advice changes. In the meantime, please see below, the advice we have issued to all teams in advance of our competitions this weekend.

  1. Wash your hands frequently and regularly.

  2. Refrain from unnecessary contact like shaking hands. Players should fist bump with gloves on, with team mates, the opposition and officials.

  3. If you experience any symptoms, e.g. difficulty breathing, cough and fever, seek medical advice from the NHS 111. Don't return to action until you are given the all clear.

  4. Throw away any used tissues, to prevent contamination.

  5. Don't share drinks from the same bottle or glass.

  6. Keep your playing equipment clean.

  7. Practise good hygiene, it mitigates the risk of catching a virus.

Rob Clayton

BHUK President


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