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Junior League action for the Huskies!

The AF Switchgear Limited Nottingham Huskies have been in BHUK Central Conference Junior League action today, here's how they got on!

u10s Nottingham Cubs 1-2 Sheffield Steelers BHC Nottingham Cubs 2-0 Yorkshire Terriers Nottingham Cubs 0-1 Sheffield Steelers Nottingham Cubs 2-0 Yorkshire Terriers

u13s Nottingham Alaskans 3-0 Rotherham Jnr Ducks Ball Hockey Club Nottingham Alaskans 1-2 Nottingham Siberians Nottingham Alaskans 1-2 Sheffield Steelers Nottingham Alaskans 3-1 South Leeds Rams Ball Hockey Club Nottingham Siberians 6-1 Sheffield Steelers Nottingham Siberians 10-0 Rotherham Junior Ducks Nottingham Siberians 2-1 South Leeds Rams

u16s Nottingham Wild Dogs 2-1 Sheffield Steelers Nottingham Wild Dogs 1-0 Nottingham Mighty Dogs Nottingham Wild Dogs 3-2 Sheffield Steelers Nottingham Wild Dogs 2-1 Nottingham Mighty Dogs Nottingham Mighty Dogs 3-0 Sheffield Steelers Nottingham Mighty Dogs 1-2 Sheffield Steelers


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