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2016/17 Awards Night!

We had our clubs end of season awards night last month, the night was a huge success! All of our senior teams had awards for their individual teams, based on their performance and team work skills this year.

Not only did we celebrate a great season and year, we also celebrated the Lifetime Membership award given to our Chairperson, Rob Clayton. This is the first award the club has given out of this kind in it's history. Given the club is in it's 25th anniversary year and the amount of time and effort that Rob puts into the club, it is an award that is no less than deserved.

Club captain Mick Donoghue has stated "There is only one person this first award could have gone to, quite simply the club would not exist without him. He has basically run the club, single handedly at times, to the point where today we have never been stronger."

"He has always been hard but fair and has demanded the best from all of us. It's been a pleasure to play on some great and successful Wolves teams alongside him and without doubt he has made them all better and harder to play against. As players we all owe him a huge thank you, his energy, dedication and sheer bloody mindedness has meant we have a great club and a chance to play regular winning hockey with a group of great friends."

"The idea to do something to recognise Rob Clayton's commitment and contribution to the Nottingham Wolves has been on the agenda for quite some time now. I have personally stepped up my involvement in the club over the last couple of years to try to do my bit, but I only do a fraction of what Rob does. I really do appreciate now, just how much is involved in running and developing a club of this size, and just how much of that falls on Rob's shoulders. And Rob has been doing this for many years!

When we decided to do an end of season presentation night (which should become an annual event now incidentally) it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get on with doing something big for 'Mr Wolf'. It also made sense to do it this year as next year the club celebrates its 25th year and we didn't want that to overshadow our celebration of Rob's contribution.

Rob's heart and soul are in the club and it seemed only fitting to make Rob the first Lifetime member of the club. He has been around for virtually the whole length of the club's existence and I think everyone can see he has always been a key figure. Rob has a passion and a vision for the club that drives it forward and makes it stronger. he also takes a leading role locally, in the central conference, and Nationally at BHUK level. Rob's impact on the club and its development will be a legacy that will last for as long as the club does and the name Rob Clayton will always have legendary status at the Wolves.

We also wanted to give Rob a gift he could share with his wife, Laura, who must sometimes wonder if he is married to her or to the club. It didn't take too much effort to get members of the club reaching in their pockets and eventually we raised £300 to pay for some vouchers for them to have a short break away together. We all hope they have a lovely, relaxing time away together.

On a personal level, I'd like to thank Rob for welcoming me into the Wolves and into the sport of Ball Hockey,. Although I am a relative newcomer, the club holds a special place in my heart and Rob is a big part of that. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 seasons with the club, and more recently being able to play together with my son. Rob has nurtured a welcoming environment that attracts a diverse membership. Rob takes a personal interest in each and every member of the club and we can all be thankful for that. The club just couldn't exist in anything like its current form without him. He's not a bad little hockey player either!" - Patrick Cox.

Moving on to the player awards, here's who won what! Direwolves - Finley Heywood (Top Scorer) Ben Royle (Most Improved)

Paul Morris (Players' Player) Dave Smith (Player of the Year)

Hyenas -

Michael Berehowski (Top Scorer)

Tom Webb (Most Improved)

David Hickton (Players' Player)

Fionnan Hickton (Player of the Year)

Jackals -

Stewart Bliss (Top Scorer)

Matt Wragg (Players' Player & Player of the Year)

Timberwolves -

Hadden Bolstridge (Top Scorer & Player of the Year)

Natalie Chaplin-Smith (Most Improved) Andy Bolstridge (Players' Player)

Vixens -

Sarah Bolstridge (Most Improved) Olivia Bennett (Players' Player)

Nikki Croxall (Player of the Year)

Werewolves -

Tom Cole (Top Scorer)

Luke Browne (Players' Player & Player of the Year)

We'd like to thank all the volunteers who put the night together and gave up their own time in order to get everyone there!

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