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Exciting Updates for the Wolves!

It’s been few and far between for the club since coming home from the Fantastic 4’s just over a month ago now, with the odd game here and there. The club are heading into the back end of the Central Conference season, as well as getting stuck into their second round of Inter-Club games as well as BHUK Spring Qualifiers and the National Championships on the horizon sooner rather than later. Steps are already being put in place in order to make sure the club are in the best possible place for the up and coming events. Just this weekend alone, we have 3 Central Conference games involving our teams, the Tier 1 qualifier and still getting in a regular training session. Plenty of hockey for all!

We’re also excited to be looking to improve the website further by adding as much content as possible over these coming months, providing you with news and updates as soon as we get them. We’ve got a brand new motivated team who have come up with new ideas in order to keep you in the know with what’s going off with the club. We’re looking to get more and more player profiles on the website for all of our players in the coming weeks, so you can familiarise yourself further with our players. Our Instagram page is also a work in progress also, in which we’re hoping to get linked to the website once that is fully ready and in use. We’re still going to be focusing on Milestone Monday up until the end of the Central Conference season, so stay tuned and see if your name appears! Exciting times. As a club, we’re entering a exciting, but busy period where we appreciate all the effort from players, volunteers and parents for doing their bit so a huge thank you to you all! We wouldn’t be the club we are without you.

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