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The Lindleys Autocentres Nottingham Timberwolves 2019/20 roster!

With just days to go until the season gets underway, here’s who will be kitting up for the Lindleys Autocentres Nottingham Timberwolves this coming season. Everyone here at the Wolves would like to once again thank Lindleys for their continued support of the Wolves. Head over to their Facebook page to learn more about the services they offer.

Netminder: Luke Rudkin.

Defence: Alasdair Howie, Andy Bolstridge, Chris Hallam, Ian Pendall, Kaylie Bickle, Matt Wyatt, Matt Woodcock, Max Rolley, Natalie Chaplin-Smith, Patrik Resko, Tom Merriman.

Forwards: Charlie Dennis, Emma Wilkinson, James Cantrill, Matt Brooks, Matt Flint, Patrick Cox, Mitch Jewitt, Paul Webb, Pete Cowen, Steve Rudkin.


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