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Nottingham Wolves Academy!

The Nottingham Wolves are extremely proud to announce that they will launch their own academy this summer, with autumn as the start of operations. The academy will be for players aged 15-21 and will seek to take the best young players available and provide a pathway that will maximise their opportunities to be successful at a national and international level.

Rob Clayton, Wolves Chairman, provides more detail:

‘The Wolves have a long tradition of providing a place to play for young players and for many of them it has led to them achieving highly in local and national competitions, as well as representing GB at junior and senior levels. In creating the academy we want to take this to the next level with a more structured approach to training that will make a greater focus on tactical awareness, strength & conditioning and nutrition. We believe our young players can compete at the very best levels, but we want them to be equipped with the ability and knowledge to produce high levels of play on a consistent basis.

To supplement this we’ll be seeking out opportunities to test our players in competitions and tours, both in the UK and abroad.

We understand that some of our best players are sometimes absent when their studies take them away from the area, but we still intend to include them within our programme, and we’ll look to ensure they continue to be involved in hockey, and can tap into our own resources. In addition, during year 1, we will also offer places to players who remain signed with other clubs.’

Further details on the academy will be announced during the spring/summer. Watch out for a further announcement on how to become involved.

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