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Nottingham Wolves Turn 25!

The 1st of January marks the start of an auspicious year for our club, the beginning of our 25th year. Rob Clayton, club chairman explains what the club has in store.

‘Our club has changed and grown so much over the last 24 years and it is important that we recognise all facets of our organisation. We have lots planned and we hope that it will celebrate the whole of the club and also have some wider benefits. Here’s a selection of our plans.

- February sees the launch of the senior club’s 25 year anniversary kit.

- We are going to be launching a ladies league, with games to be played quarterly throughout the year. Teams will be composed using a player draft and be open to players outside the club. We hope this will operate every year and help the growing ladies game.

- We feel we have a great crop of players developing in our juniors and we want to smooth their transition to the adult game. We have special plans for players 15-21 that are under development and will be launched in the spring.

- Speaking of our juniors, it is an area of the club that is growing. We’ll be looking to further harness this with a competition for players of school age. This will be open to any young players and will see teams represent the regions of Notts.

- Our website will see a new Legends section that will recognise the most important people in the Wolves history.

- The Wolves inter squad tournament will return this summer. It was very popular last time we ran it and people have been asking when it will return. We hope to encourage some players from the past to make an appearance.

- Finally (for now) our club has lots of parents and kids playing in it. We’ll be holding an event that is a twist on the old lads v dads concept, bringing it up to date to recognise the co-ed nature of our club.

We hope this will a be a fitting commemoration of our 25 years, and a great launchpad for the future.

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