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Player Profile - Tom Cole

Tom Cole, mainly known as 'Bobby' has been a member of the Nottingham Wolves since June 2011 and has become very popular with his team and other players in the club. Bobby has taken part in 4 almost 5 World Championships in both Junior and Senior levels.

Nottingham Werewolves Forward

Name: Tom Cole                                  Jersey Number: 74
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland        Position: Forward
Weight: 68kg                                       Height: 5'9
Previous Clubs: None.
How did you get into Hockey? "Through friends met on a family holiday to Turkey back in like, 2003."
Best Moment in Hockey: "'B' Pool Bronze Medal with Team GB at the 2015 World Ball Hockey Championships in Zug, Switzerland."
Worst Moment in Hockey: "Losing to Poland 3-2 at the 2014 World Junior Championships."
Hockey Hero: "Alexander Ovechkin."
Favourite NHL Team: "Washington Capitals."
Hobbies: "Gym Freak, Guitar Tech, Semi-Pro Mixing Engineer, and of course, Ball Hockey."
Sum up Yourself in Five Words: "I wish they'd ban Backchecking."
Conference Stats: 73 games, 88 goals, 99 assists,  187 points, 6 PIMs (as of 23/03/17).



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