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Player Profile - Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett joined the Wolves almost by accident in 2009, when he filled in for the club at a tournament. The rest, as they say, is history. He has since backstopped the club to two national championships, many qualifier victories and multiple central conference leagues/playoff/cup winners. He's also represented GB twice including the 2015 bronze medal team.

Nottingham Jackals


Name: Richard Bennett                        Jersey Number: 33
Place of Birth: Sheffield                       Position: Netminder
Weight: 119kg                                     Height: 197cm
Previous Clubs: No previous Ball Hockey clubs.
How did you get into Hockey? "Canadian school friend, when I was around his house in 1985, I watched some games of hockey on TV. Though net minding looked fun and with his dad being a goalie coach, he took shots at me thinking I'd change my mind, instead, I loved it and was on ice ever since."
Best Moment in Hockey: "Anytime I see players that I've coached, be it on ice or ball, do well and improve their game.
When Mick dropped me a message in 2009 to get back into "Street Hockey" and guest for the Wolves at a tournament in Rotherham and Rob ok'd me to play. Without that message and opportunity, I wouldn't have been lucky enough to be allowed to come and train with the Wolves and make the friends I have since.
Also winning anything is always good. "
Worst Moment in Hockey: "Broke both my legs, back and pelvis in 1999 which meant I had to take 8 months off and again in 2004, shattering my left leg meaning I couldn't play for another 4 months. Any game lost stings too."
Hockey Hero: "Patrick Roy."
Favourite NHL Team: "Montreal Canadians." 
Hobbies: "Hockey playing and coaching and travelling."
Sum up Yourself in Five Words: "How is he still playing?"
Conference Stats: 73 games, +4 as an outfield player, 77 games in total, 1 goal, 9 assists, 10 points, 2614 minutes played, 106 goals against, 1.45 goals against average, 36 shutouts (As of 03/06/17).



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