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Player Profile - Natalie Chaplin-Smith

Natalie, also known as Nat has been a Wolf for 3 seasons now and has become a regular for the Timberwolves. Nat is also a part of the ladies team, Nottingham Vixens. Not a flashy player, Nat is a "stay-at-home" defender who gets the job done.

Nottingham Timberwolves


Name: Natalie Chaplin-Smith               Jersey Number: 40
Place of Birth: Nottingham, UK           Position: Defence
Weight: 58kg                                       Height: 5ft 4
Previous Clubs: "None."
How did you get into Hockey? "My Granddad used to sponsor the Nottingham Panthers since I was born and I loved the sport. I joined my first Ice Hockey team (Nottingham Vipers) when I was 15/16 but only spent a couple of months there due to me having to go through exams and very late training sessions. I started playing for the wolves in the season 14/15. My first full season was the 15/16 season and loved it ever since. Now I would choose Ball Hockey over ice Hockey any day of the week."
Best Moment in Hockey: "I couldn't pick one but the best times would be having a shot at GB women's team and winning Junior Nationals."
Worst Moment in Hockey: "Not had one yet."
Hockey Hero: "Jimmy Paek."
Favourite NHL Team: "Calgary Flames (as I have family there)." 
Hobbies: "Hockey and Eating. I'm pretty boring."
Sum up Yourself in Five Words: "Cheeky, Chatty, Mischievous, Happy and Lively (at times)."
Conference Stats: 27 games, 0 goals, 2 assists,  2 points, 8 PIMs (as of 16/03/17).



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