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Player Profile - Luke Browne

Growing up from the young squad of the Nottingham Wolves, the "Arnold Cubs", Luke has been a  part of the club for a long time now, dating back to 2007 and now plays an important role in both the club and the Nottingham Werewolves. Luke is also the manager for the ladies team Nottingham Vixens.

Nottingham Werewolves


Name: Luke Browne                             Jersey Number: 37
Place of Birth: Nottinghamshire, UK    Position: Defence
Weight: 16 St                                       Height: 6ft
Previous Clubs: None.
How did you get into Hockey? "Got into hockey through Dan Roebuck. He kept pestering me for weeks to come down to a Sunday session which at the time were Sunday evenings. Came down once 10 years ago and never looked back."
Best Moment in Hockey: Best moment is either wearing the GB Jersey in the under 20's squad in 2012 in Pisek or winning the nationals for the first time.
Worst Moment in Hockey: Has to be losing to NE Dekstars in the nationals final in my first tournament with the seniors.
Hockey Hero: Shea Weber.
Favourite NHL Team: Nashville Predators. 
Hobbies: Hockey, Football, Drinking.
Sum up Yourself in Five Words: "A Handsome, Funny, Amazing legend."
Conference Stats: 55 games, 21 goals, 34 assists, 55 points, 8 PIMs (as of 13/03/17).



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