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Player Profile - Hazel Taylor

Hazel joined the club four seasons ago and has gone on to be a very regular contributor on the scoreboard. We've never checked the facts here, but we're fairly certain that Hazel is the only player to represent GB at Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey and Ball Hockey. That is quite some achievement! 

Nottingham Direwolves


Name: Hazel Taylor                              Jersey Number: 45
Place of Birth: Lincoln, UK.                  Position: Forward
Weight: 64kg                                       Height: 1m 75cm
Previous Clubs: None.
How did you get into Hockey? "I started playing Roller Hockey aged 16 when the local roller disco got cancelled and a hockey team was up instead. Went on to play Ice Hockey when I went to university in Aberdeen and one of the team saw me walking to Roller Hockey training with my kit and shouted out their window to tell me about the local Ice Hockey team. Started playing Ball Hockey when some Ice Hockey friends told me about it and I realised there was a local team."
Best Moment in Hockey: Playing the World Championships in Zug 2015.
Worst Moment in Hockey: Injuring my knee at the World Championships in Zug and needing knee surgery and a whole season out of hockey.
Hockey Hero: Saku Koivu
Favourite NHL Team: Montreal Canadians 
Hobbies: Ice Hockey, Rock Climbing, Cycling, Hill Walking
Sum up Yourself in Five Words: Happy, Energetic, Active, Determined, (Sometimes a little) Mischievous. 
Conference Stats: 19 Games, 23 Assists, 35 Points, 0 PIMS (As of 20/12/16).



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