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Player Profile - Fionnán Hickton

Fionnán is a newcomer to the Wolves, taking part in his first season for the club, in between the pipes for the Hyenas. Fionnán has shown great progress and skill and could be one to watch in the future for the Wolves.

Nottingham Hyenas 


Name: Fionnán Hickton                       Jersey Number: 30
Place of Birth: Nottingham                  Position: Netminder
Weight: 13 Stone                                Height: 6"3
Previous Clubs: None
How did you get into Hockey? "Decided to go to a Nottingham Panthers game 7 or 8 years ago and got hooked on it straight away."
Best Moment in Hockey: "Winning the under 21s tournament at Simply Skate a year ago."
Worst Moment in Hockey: "Losing 44-0 to Rugby Rockets"
Hockey Hero: "Rick Rypien or Marc-Andre Fleury."
Hobbies: "Ice/Ball Hockey, Guitar, Photography."
Sum up Yourself in Five Words: "Windmill Perfectionist and clean rebounds."
Conference Stats: 6 games, 62 goals against, 10.33 goals against average, 0 shutouts, 0 PIMs. (as of 06/04/17).



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