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Player Profile - Adam Robinson

Jackals forward Adam Robinson came to the club after many years of Ice Hockey, having played at EPL and ENL level with Nottingham Lions, Whitley Warriors, Billingham Stars and Sutton Sting. Used mainly in the power forward role, ‘Robbo’ can also turn his hand to defence, and has racked up the points in the last two and a half seasons.

Nottingham Jackals


Name: Adam Robinson                        Jersey Number: 73
Place of Birth: Nottinghamshire, UK    Position: Forward
Weight: 12 St                                       Height: 6'0
Previous Clubs: Nottingham Wolves.
How did you get into Hockey? "Through watching Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team."
Best Moment in Hockey: Scoring past Alan Levers.
Worst Moment in Hockey: Any away game.
Hockey Hero: Dan Dorian.
Favourite NHL Team: Montreal Canadians. 
Hobbies: Watching sports, talking about sports and Ball Hockey.
Sum up Yourself in Five Words: Getting too old to play!
Conference Stats: 



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